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Progress for Sounders' White and Fernandez

On Alvaro Fernandez (hamstring) and O’Brian White (blood clot in leg): “Alvaro jogged and O’Brian has been on the bike now for about three days or so and so he was able to get out there and jog around a little bit. But it is a nasty looking scar.”

More on White’s recovery) “It’s too early for any timetable. They have got to see how he does with a little bit of activity, make sure that there is no coagulation that has taken place and things like that and then they can decide to push him further. […] It’s a definite step forward. The first stage was biking and he suffered no setbacks so today it was walking and jumping a little bit and we’ll see how he responds to that. Maybe light jogging is in his future in the next couple of days. […]They [the doctors] feel they have determined what they think caused it but until he really returns to a heavier amount of activity they can’t determine for sure if that solved the problem. […] It was great to see him out there. He’s always got a smile on his face so it’s good to see him in the locker room as well.”

On Lamar Neagle) “I’ve always said it’s through good work at practice and reserve games that you earn opportunities in the first team and by how you play in the first team gives you more time in the first team. Obviously he came off the bench and played well in the game against Dallas so when Alvaro came down that early in the game we felt Lamar was the right guy to go to because he could finish out the game for us and he had played well. He comes up with a big goal, he plays well so, depending on how it looks this weekend, he has an opportunity to maybe be on the field again.”

On the weather in Chicago after near nonstop rain at Sounders games) “It’s supposed to be a heat wave in Chicago so we have already asked the airline if we can hook up a little rope to a couple of clouds and bring them with us so we get some rain back in Chicago. No, but I heard today that it’s supposed to be 95-degrees or something like that so it will be a little different. ... The first game in the heat it all depends on the humidity. It will be a little different for our guys. I’m just happy it’s at night and not during the day.”