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When, not if: Schmid says White will return

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid says it now seems certain that forward O'Brian White will return to Sounders FC this season.

"I really don’t know how far out he is," Schmid said. "What we’re really trying to do is uptrain him this week. He’s jogging now a little bit, so we really want to push him on the elliptical and on the bike, so it’s more like a preseason. Before it just a light workout to get your fitness up a little bit. Now it’s going to be a bike workout really pushing on your legs to build that up again. As I said, I think that’s for the rest of this week and then we’ll advance at the end of the week and see where we can advance from there. The main this, is we don’t want to do things with him where he’s limping. Once he gets running, once he gets working with the ball, I want him to have his natural gait.

"It shouldn’t be season-ending. It’s definitely something that we’ve got to see about whether there’s any repercussions or fallback in terms of the blood – make sure there’s not a new clot forming. But right now his feeling is fine, everything’s fine in that direction. That’s just something that we’re going to have to monitor. But it’s definitely not a season-ending injury."

White has been out while recovering from surgery to deal with a blood clot in his leg. However, he had begun jogging and sounded unbeat when he talked to the media today. I'll have more from that interview soon.

However, while there was optimism about Steve Zakuani's recovery from his leg fractures, there is less certainty about a return this season.

"He is obviously going to be longer than O’Brian, but it’s like once you move from one stage to another it’s like how fast can you go. You’ve got to plateau a little bit, then you climb, then you plateau again. It really depends. I don’t think anybody would have said two weeks ago that he would be already basically going on one crutch and walking around his apartment with no crutches. So that’s gone a lot faster than he was expected."