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Whitecaps adopt new look under new coach

The Sounders have concluded another day of training for this 7:30 p.m. Saturday game at Qwest Field against Vancouver. (Please note that the tickets show a 30-minutes-earlier start, which has since been moved back.)

After training at Starfire, we got a few minutes with coach Sigi Schmid. Here are some highlights of what he had to say:

On the Whitecaps under their new coach) “Obviously I think the main thing he [Ton Soehn] has done is he has changed some personnel on the field. [Joe] Cannon obviously became his goalkeeper of choice instead of Jay Nolly. He has changed the right back position, putting Wes Knight on the bench and bringing out [Bilal] Duckett. He has changed where he is playing [Davide] Chiumiento. Chiumiento is playing inside now rather than playing outside. Camilo is playing outside instead of being inside. It’s a more structured 4-4-2. They’ve tried to stay more compact. But this is the first week that he has had a week to train the team. Last week it was go from game to game. I think you’ll see more of Tommy Soehn’s influence this week than you have in the prior two games.”

On the week of build-up to the derby) “A little bit different [than Portland]. [Brian] Schmetzer said, ‘They’re Canadians, that’s why we shouldn’t like them.’ I don’t know if that’s the case. I’ve had a few Canadians I’ve dealt with and I always seem to like them so I don’t know what the case is there. And right now they are really worried about the Canucks getting beat again last night than they maybe are about the Whitecaps. Certainly it’s something that we talked about today. We will talk about it more tomorrow. There’re three teams in this area of the country. We want to be the best team in this area of the country. In order to be that we want to win this game. This is our second home game, we want to win that. We know we have to win one away as well to be the best team. But more important for us is just the season series, that we have a chance to win the season series, to get three more points, to put ourselves every day a step closer to the playoffs.”

On Sounders FC moving to 5-0 in the MLS Reserve League) “Ask (assistant coachEzra Hendrickson). It’s all Ezra (who coaches the reserves). He’ll tell you. He’s going into Adrian [Hanauer’s] office on Monday to renegotiate his contract by the way. He’s 5-0. I think he’s asking for the big job. Anyways, I think the group has played well for each other. I think it’s a reflection of the depth of our team as well. We’ve had some guys injured and we are still able to compete and participate. I think sometimes we take it seriously so I think being able to play games in front of fans and make it a game-like atmosphere and experience I think is beneficial to our players. I wish more teams would try and do that with their reserve games and allow it to be a fan experience as well. It’s just a reflection of our depth. The guys are working hard and they know that a guy like Lamar Neagle, through what he did on the reserve team, got himself onto the field. They feel hopefully they can do it and be the next guy.”