Sounders Insider

Schmid gives Seattle season C+ or B- so far

Sounders FC stands at 5-4-7 with the exact midpoint of the MLS regular season looming Saturday at Toronto.

Schmid was asked to assess the season so far.

"If we were to give ourselves a grade at this point of the season, I think probably a C-plus or a B-minus," he said. "We’ve been a little better than average, but I think we can achieve more, we can do better. I think the guys know that. Obviously it was a wonderful strike – the second goal (in Saturday's draw with Vancouver) – but when you have the lead you want to hold onto it. … We’ve got to find a way to eliminate that. We’ve done well at times, we’ve had good moments, but then we’ve had moments where we haven’t been as good. We’ve just got to get rid of those valleys, and that will take us up a level. But the team continues to fight, the team continues to battle, and I’m very happy with that."