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Might be a while before Montano's next chance...

It was his first appearance since opening day, so after the game, he was asked how he regained Schmid’s confidence.

“The work that I have been doing the last couple of months,” he said through a translator. “And then the way that I have been playing in the reserve league have given Sigi a better feel for having me on the field and playing on the first team.”

Schmid confirmed that today. However, he also made clear that he wasn’t fully impressed with how Montano handled his rare opportunity.

“He had played better in the reserve games; his training had become a little more consistent,” Schmid said. “So then, based upon that, you give him the opportunity to take the next step up. We’ve always felt that he’s one of the players – when he’s one his game – to take some people one-v-one. Unfortunately, I think his impact was very small when he came into the game. I didn’t think he really impacted the game. Maybe he hadn’t been out there for a while, maybe it was the occasion. I don’t know for sure exactly what it was, but that’s another step for him to take.”