Sounders Insider

Schmid discusses depth and trialists

Some quotes from Sounders coach Sigi Schmid after training Tuesday:

On the team’s performance in the MLS Reserve League) “It shows the depth of a team more so than anything else. It’s good that the reserve team has been able to step on the field and win games because one of the things we always talk about is mentality, making sure that we have got the right mentality, that we have got a mentality that we want to win games, figure out a way to win games. But I think it speaks more about just the depth of the team when you look at the guys who are injured and the guys who are playing in the reserve games.”

On getting goals from the midfield) “It’s always good when you get goals from different parts of the field. It was good to see [Mauro] Rosales get his first goal because I think he has played well. It was good for [Osvaldo] Alonso to get a goal because he certainly tries a few shots so being able to see it hit the back of the net maybe makes the next one a little bit easier to visualize.”

On Alvaro Fernandez) “[He’s] doing better. We’ll have to see. He did more today so we’ll see how he is tomorrow.”

On recent trialists at Sounders FC training) “Obviously we continue to look at players and so forth. Cillian [Sheridan] was an option for us as a big forward, had been brought to our attention so we figured it would be a good chance to look at him. He has a good pedigree, played for some good teams. Sammy Ochoa is a player that obviously I have known for a while having seen him play youth soccer in southern California, I had him on my U-20 team, when he became free and went out of contract we decided to give him a look.”