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Sounders bring good weather to Toronto (!)

In my story today on those empty seats at BMO Field in Toronto, TFC senior director of business operations Paul Beirne sites a run of bad weather that seems to rival Seattle's:

The reality is those seats are still sold, but we have had a little challenge with attendance. You see pockets of empty seats, but those are tickets that are actually sold, but those people are not using them. That’s mostly a function of the weather. By the end of May we already had more than half of our hour season and so games in March, April and even into May, we’ve only had one game when the sun was shining. And we don’t have any roof or protection at all. I know that’s starting to wear our supporters down. It makes it hard to go out and have a good time when it’s that much inclement weather all the time. … We had some softness at the beginning of the year, but we anticipate now that every game to the end of the year will be sold out.

Well, their luck may be about to change. It's a warm morning in Toronto, with wispy clouds that look like they could burn off as the day moves along. And that is indeed the forecast here, which calls for clea skies and a high of, um, 28 Celsius (which I believe is around 82 Fahrenheit). (And naturally with the three-hour time difference, that 4 p.m. kickoff is actually 7 p.m. in Toronto, so while it will be warm, it should be more comfortably back in the 70s by kickoff.)