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Schmid has good news on Sounders injuries

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid had good news on the injury front today.

After watching forward O'Brian White work on shooting and crossing, he said that White could be back in "three or four weeks" and maybe even sooner.

Schmid also said the hamstring that Brad Evans tweaked in Toronto could end up not costing him anymore time. Schmid said his plan always had been to give Evans a day off Thursday against New York and then bring him back Sunday against New England ... and that still might be the cast.

Schmid on White: Once he starts training it could go very quickly. It’s a matter of when his strength comes back and his movement. Today he took part in the full warmup all the way through and did some crossing and finishing with Ezra. Now it’s just a matter of starting to play him as a neutral player and see how he continues to develop, and for the doctors to take another look and make sure there’s no setbacks or complications, and then we can push forward again. We’re at that stage where we’ve got a little bit more to push right now, then we’ll check that all functions are good, and then we can push him from there. So I think three weeks – three to four – it could be a little sooner if we’re fortunate.

Schmid on Evans: He is coming along. His hamstring feels a lot better today. But the plan all along was to play the game in Toronto and not play against New York and then come back on the Sunday. Right now we feel that’s still a possibility for us until we hear it’s different.