Sounders Insider

Schmid remains amazed by Sounders supporters

"It never ceases to amaze me or anyone at what’s happened, and the fans that come out," he said. "(On the ferry ride back from the Kitsap Pumas game last night, I was talking to general manager Adrian Hanauer), I said, 'In all honestly, did you think it was going to go like this?' We were sitting on the ferry boat and every 20th person was wearing something Sounders. He goes, ‘Nah.’ So to me it’s always amazing. I never grow complacent walking out on the field and saying, ‘Oh, this is the way it is.’ I think the players appreciate it every time they want on the field. We realize that it’s a gift, and we don’t want to take a gift for granted. We appreciate most of all that it hasn’t been a one-game or a one-year wonder. It’s been three solid years, and we want to turn three years into four, into five, into 10, into 20 to just this is the way it is normal. We never grow complacent as to what we see."