Sounders Insider

Evans' hamstring looks good ... but not for Revs

"With Brad we’re going to see tomorrow," Schmid said. "But we want to be cautious with it, because we think this is something that we can nip in the bud. They had an MRI yesterday that got read today, and his knee looks really good – which was one of our main concerns. So we’re happy with that. We think we’ve got a handle on how that’s going. It’s just a hamstring and it’s just slight. But it’s there, and so we’ll see."

The Sounders' lineup is going to be fascinating, because they already know they'll be without Osvaldo Alonso and Leo Gonzalez due to yellow-card accumulation. And then Schmid will have to figure in who needs rest -- either after the New York game Thursday or in advance of the U.S. Open Cup match against Kitsap on Tuesday.

Over the three games, something very close to the entire roster could be used.