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Walh discusses first goal in six MLS seasons

Here's some of what he had to say afterward:

On the goal) "It was sitting well for a left-footed shot. I'm not sure if [Matt] Reis was out of position but I thought it was possible to hit it that side. I just tried to keep it on frame and bend it, just like a corner kick like I have been hitting those and it went in."

On the goal celebration) "I didn't know what to do with my celebration. My celebration wasn't quite like Roger's but I was excited and I just kind of ran around. I didn't really plan out goal celebrations but I'm excited to score my first goal and obviously excited that we got the win."

On scoring more goals) "We'll see. Maybe if I could score a couple goals a year would be nice. Playing games consistently will help out that stat, just being on the field helps."

On taking free kicks) "I have put a lot of years in as a defender and as a center back and generally those players don't hit free kicks. We have a lot of guys who can hit free kicks well so I was a little reluctant. It kind of started with the corner kicks, just working on them in practice and improving, and stepped up today."

On continuing to take free kicks) "It's tough to do that every time and it was my first that I've taken. It's going to be a tough standard to keep and we have a lot of other guys who hit free kicks well, consistently too. I'll have to keep working on it."

On winning both home games) "I think it has helped out with our home-game confidence, making this a tougher place to play. We have had a couple wins in a row here so we are making it a more difficult place for other teams to come in and play. Obviously picking up six points in a couple days is crucial and now we are looking to the Open Cup game."