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White back July 16? Evans top PK taker

Some of the highlights from coach Sigi Schmid:

Overview on the day's agenda) The main thing after a day off, it always takes a day to be back in the rhythm and the run of it. So you try not to be too critical or too small with them in terms of hitting all the little details because they’re going to be a off – they’ve had a day off. The most important thing today is for everybody to get out there, run around a little bit, touch the ball a little bit, compete a little bit. And I think from that standpoint it was a very good practice.

Status of O'Brian White) This is the week that we wanted to put him into training full out. So this week, next week. I think Sunday is probably a little early for him still. But hopefully by the time we run into Colorado he might be able to come in off the bench. We just have to see how he does with this week and the beginning part of next week.

On his top PK takers) (Brad) Evans is obviously our top PK taker: He’s had two this season, he’s buried them both. (Osvaldo) Alonso is somebody else. It’s something we’re probably going to look at a little bit tomorrow. Lamar Neagle is somebody that when he’s on the field he’s very good at PKs because he has a really different approach to the ball: He comes straight on to the ball, which is really confusing. I never know, is he going to hit it right-footed, left-footed, inside, outside? You really don’t know. We have some guys who can hit them. Fredy (Montero) has had a couple of opportunities, but PKs, you make them or you miss them. I’ve seen great players miss them. You know, ’94 World Cup, I think a guy named Baggio put his way over the top. So, that happens.