Sounders Insider

Transfer window: Sounders 'actively working'

Q: Do you expect anything to be announced on Friday? AH: I wouldn’t want to speculate. We’re actively working on some alternatives. But I’ve done this enough to know that it’s not done until it’s done. And all the rumor and speculation and process accomplished and verbal agreements – not of it means anything until there’s a signed document from all the parties involved and U.S. Soccer has approved it, and the visa process… So not to dodge the answer, but we’re working on it and obviously we’ll announce it when we announce it and it’s done.

Q: Along with player addition, could there also be player subtraction?AH: It could be. We’re certainly having conversations on multiple fronts. We have a very deep team, and so we get calls daily from teams interested in our players. And obviously this is a business so at some level, we’re willing to listen to any proposals. But at the same time, just like earlier in the season, we’re not interested in blowing this up. We think we’ve stood by with the group, had faith, had faith with Sigi and the coaching staff, and I think the results lately have proven that probably that was a good decision.

Q: Are things going well enough now where you view the window differently than before?AH: We were never panicking. There were other’s that were. But it’s always been the same: which is continue to get better and better and better incrementally. Just like if we bring another big player in, we’re in a position where that player doesn’t have to produce massively for us to continue the success. It’s nice to not have that pressure.