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Both sides react to Sounders wild 4-3 win

Here's some reaction to the Sounders 4-3 win over Colorado this afternoon:

KASEY KELLERChippiness emotions carrying over?)No, they kind of play that way. You know team that play like that, and that’s cool. I don’t think there was anything that was—there was maybe one tackle at midfield that was a little bit nasty—but it was just a physical game, but no thing too crazy. The most important thing is that everybody now understands what the situation is on Wednesday—none of our players get hurt, none of their players get hurt and everybody goes and has a great game for the fans. Another comeback win?)This was probably the worst disciplined defensively that we were all year. That’s a little frustrating because we can’t let that creep into our game. You can’t just expect to gift goals and keep having to come back from behind, to keep keeping teams in the game. I have no problem with making a mistake in the first minute, OK, there’s your one goal now go win the game 4-1 if you’re better than they are. Don’t just keep giving the same stuff away. Then you go 4-2 up and you let a guy get wide open a couple different times for a corner at the end just to make it interesting. Have that discipline to see that game out. We’re just a little bit off of that right now, and if we can clean that side up, but keep the same attacking flair that we’ve shown, then we’ve got a good chance this year. Did it carry over from last week?)No, last weeks were totally just. . . you talk about deflections, you talk about own goals and things, that’s different. But it’s all part of a theme that we have to get better. We have to beat the guy to that spot so it’s not a case where you’re stretching so you get that deflection, just have that little a bit better about yourself. We’ll get there. Yes we won the game, and we’re all happy for the three points and to beat Colorado, but at the same time, it’s a little bittersweet, because we’ve got to clean that side of our game up. If we truly want to obtain our goal, and if our goal is to have a run in the playoffs and see what happens, then it has to be better than today defensively. Better to learn while winning?Well you’ve got to learn from them, that’s the first and foremost thing. It’s no good if you just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Sure it’s positive in the fact that you got three points, there’s nothing more positive than that, but at the same time you’ve got to figure it out that, hey this wasn’t good enough on the defensive side and we’ve got to clean that up.

FREDY MONTEROOn the week for team and him) "Not to say that it was a perfect week but I definitely feel very good, especially because the team accomplished its objectives set before going to this break in MLS."

On his diving header goal) "I was a little bit afraid that the ball seemed a little bit too low."

On the offense) "We have to maintain and keep doing that and even reinforce what we are doing and motivating the entire team."

On coming back from behind twice in two weeks) "the team has been maturing over the course of three seasons and we find that kind of energy when we get a goal against. I'm very proud of what the team has done today and we managed to get the three points."

MAURO ROSALESOn coming back) "It's mentality. It that way it's perfect for us because we never give up. They score against us and we always work hard to come back in the game. We score important goals in that game. I'm really happy about it."

On winning goal) "We played very nice football today in the game. I think we didn't going down in the game. We were playing very good in the first half and they were winning the game that they didn't deserve to. We changed menality in the second half and we worked for everyting. This is the prize. We won."

SIGI SCHMIDOn physicality of game) “I think the game got a little chippy at times, but that’s part of it. Everybody kept their emotions in check. There wasn’t anyone looking to retaliate or get even or anything like that.”

On grass surface) “The rain made it a little tougher, so the field was a little heavier than it would have been without the rain. The ball was pretty dead when you hit long balls, so balls would stay in play, which created opportunities for them because of their speed up front and also created opportunities for us on the flanks where those switching balls would sit. Don’t take offense to this, but if it was the turf, some of those switching balls to Mauro and Alvaro are going to run out of bounds. So as a result you saw more of a free flowing game.”

On Montero) “His work rate was good. There was only the one ball that he forgot to chase that stayed inbounds. He’s stepped up and accepted the challenge. He’s been getting goals and he set up a great goal to Mauro. I was very pleased with our front four – Lavesque, Montero, Fernandez, and Mauro Rosales. I think they were creative and they put a lot of things together and a lot of combinations.”

On four goals by four players) “You can’t concentrate on one player. You look at the first goal that Alvaro scored, it was great. A great run, great individual effort, it showed great balance. Roger Levesque, I didn’t see him through all his USL days, but I have to believe he’s playing as well as he’s ever played. If you focus on one guy, hopefully another guy is going to come along and hurt you. That’s what’s important about our team. Today, we got four goals from the run of play, which was also good. We’ve got some goals from set pieces, so if we can get goals from set pieces and the run of play and goals from different players, that makes us a more difficult team.”

On enjoying playing from behind) “Trust me, trust me, no. I would rather get on top and stay on top and finish on top in the game. That’s something that’s there. We’re not pleased with the three goals we gave up and that’s something we want to take care of, but I think it speaks more to our character, but it’s not a habit we want to remain in.”

On front four players) “Mauro Rosales and Fredy Montero bring an awful lot of creativity into the game. They’re good individual one v one players. Mauro is probably off the run of play as good of a crosser as there is in this league. He finds people and picks them out on crosses. Roger Levesque bring that work ethic. He’s a guy who seams things together by working and he’s done a great job of holding up the ball for us and connecting and finding that pass. When he can do that and get the ball to Mauro or Fredy and then run, we become more effective. Flaco brings some physical qualities as well. He was unlucky on that header. I thought he had a goal there. He’s able to get in the air and he’s able to get up and down the line. He has more speed than people think he has and he brings creativity. With Ozzie and Friberg behind them, knocking the ball around and finding openings and winning the ball back, it makes us a good team. Right now, we’re 22 games in and we have some more games to go and we want to maintain this. The guys have gone through a good run and now it’s time to relax a little bit, take a deep breath, and prepare for the next stage.”

JAMES RILEYOn allowing too many goals) I think that does without question. If you take that Portland goal there was an own goal and a deflected goal, which is unfortunate. I think we defended well, and again today, I think you look at that first goal: an uncharacteristic turnover, and then I think nine times out of 10 I block a piece of it, but it just gets under my leg and goes side net. And on the second goal, the same thing: I think we defend that better nine times out of 10. I think it’s fantastic that we’re getting wins and giving up that many goes. But obviously it’s a concern and it’s back to the drawing board and get back to our bread and butter, and that’s good team defense and that’s winning critical defensive moments. That’s huge whether it’s a clearance or a tackle or a blocked shot. Parke’s my partner, and if he messes up I want to cover for him, and he’s done that for me so many times I was definitely mad at myself for not being able to block that shot. But again, the charcter of the team is fantastic. We give up a goal in the first minute – I don’t think anyone would have thought that was going to happen – and then we get down to business. We showed the ability to hold leads. We showed the ability to come back from deficits. So we just need to do a better job of not giving up goals at critical moments.

On thoughts of Steve Zakuani) Honestly, I don’t think so. Like Zakuani said, it’s over, it’s all in the past. His road is to recovery, and we’re fully behind him in that. … He was here inside the locker room today before the game. It’s always awesome. It’s always great to see his face, and he was and telling jokes and laughing and doing that bit. Honestly, I didn’t think of it today to be honest with you. Obviously we think Colorado is a team that has a lot of lot of quality, so we respected them to the fullest.

On the temporary grass pitch) It’s tough. It’s always difficult when they put the sod down. Even though they were able to let it sit for seven to 10 days, it’s just another variable that we have to deal with

On the chipppiness) Definitely Colorado is a physical team. In years past I think we have been known to kind of buckle under physical teams. So we’ve definitely made that a pride in being able to combat that either with our skill or be able to match that with our intensity. The crowd behind us I think gets guys into the game. It’s going to be chippy: They’re a physical team, they’re a direct team, they’re a prideful team, and so are we. It was just two teams going at it.

Brad EvansOn the come from behind win) “We’re scoring goals right now and that’s the most important thing, no matter if they come in the first minute, seventh minute, or whatever it was today. We get two late past the 80th minute mark, so we’re putting the ball into the back of the net, we’re finding good ways to score.”

On how it feels to get back out on the field and working in the scoring today) “It’s just anticipation. The ball bounces the right way, we hit a cross, Fredy heads it home to take the lead, we get the buffer goal – and luckily we got that one because they got one back.”

On the unbeaten streak) “Yeah, it’s a good run. Last year at the end of the year we went on a really good run as well, so it’s just coming at a different time. We’re going to carry this as long as it’ll go.”

Colorado coach GARY SMITHOn his general impressions of the match) "When you score three goals you expect to get something coming out after the game. The second half performance started in a poor fashion. I thought we managed to stabilize the middle part during the second half. After feeling pretty good about ourselves going into halftime up 2-1. The second goal we gave up was a big dent to us, and a big boost of confidence for Seattle. The third goal, I felt was coming, the pressure started to mount and Seattle was playing very confident. They have been playing that way for a long period of time." On the change in momentum during the second half) "The initial goals were a big blow. You try to get yourself a nice footing and hold in the second half, away from home. To concede quickly, with the crowd, and the team we are playing against was just tough. I have to be honest there were good periods of the game were we look unsettled in the back. I don't know if it was the pitch or just some good movements from Seattle but we looked vulnerable. There were other opportunities where Seattle breached our backline and increased their lead at certain points." On the new surface) "It looked difficult for all, including Seattle. They are not used to that surface; it was boggy and heavy along with being difficult to turn on. All in all there are no complaints about the pitch. It is a temporary surface and it was good enough to make a competitive game." On the positives the team takes away from today's match) "To be able to go up 2-1 on the road in a difficult place. Scoring the three goals itself is a positive. Unfortunately, giving up four goals which the group doesn't do too often. There are one are two sore bodies in there. I don't know what is going on with Conor Casey achilles; it will be a matter of patching the group back on up to get a strong lineup for Wednesday to play against a difficult New York side." On the physical nature of the match) "I thought the game was called really well, giving the circumstance surrounding the fixture. The fans were great and got behind the team as usual and supported them ever so well. There were some challenges there maybe a bit late but nothing out of the ordinary." Colorado midfielder PABLO MASTROENIOverview) "It is unfortunate to be up twice in this game and not walk away with anything. It was a hard fought game and Seattle got on the right side of a few bounces." On the pitch) "Both teams have to play on it whether it is turf or grass. We had two leads in this game, if anything it helped us out. Some weird plays and a few strange bounces, we were just on the wrong end of the score." On Sounders' halftime changes) "They came out and put some pressure on us early. They created their own type of positive momentum. Anytime you can score coming out of halftime puts the other team on their heels. We found ourselves in the game and didn't capitalize."