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Schmid on Man U: Great for fans and players

Here's some of coach Sigi Schmid's final pregame words on the match:

I think it’s a great opportunity for our fans, it’s a great opportunity for our players. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s not often you get to play against a team of Manchester United’s quality, and just the experience and the tradition of the club. It’s going to be a great evening.

On Man U popularity) I think it’s just been their consistency. Alex Ferguson coming there and them staying true to the commitment of their coach and his belief in his pattern has allowed them to establish a very consistent brand. Obviously there was some history there. You go all the way back into soccer history and you look at the Busby Babes and you look at the Munich crash, you look at George Best was there, and they won the European Cup in ’68. There’s so much history that’s there. But it really took off in the last 20 years just from a consistency standpoint. Year in and year out there quality was there. Year in and year out people could start relying on them. They had a club philosophy that they maintained over a period of time.

On new face that might appear) It’s a chance to play all our players. The only trialist that we’re looking at playing is (wing Mrisho Ngasa of Tanzania). … We haven’t had a chance to see him yet on a real big field because just of our training schedule and the amount of games that we’ve had, we haven’t done a lot of big-field stuff in between. So it will be good to see him on a big field.