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Seattle -- the city -- impressed Man U players

Here's some Man U reaction to tonight's 7-0 win in Seattle

Defender Rio FerdinandGeneral thoughts on the team's time in Seattle) "Very good. Great support. Good people. They looked after us and we had a great time. And they're genuine football fans. On if he was surprised with the atmosphere in the stadium) "I was, yeah. I came here in 2003, a long time ago, and the interest, the knowledge and passion wasn't as great it was today. It's a great surprise." On differences between this trip and the 2003 trip) "It's just a different feel, a different vibe. They're just genuine football fans that come here to support football and their team. The Sounders have great support." On seeing so many Manchester United fans in Seattle) "It's not a great surprise because we have fans everywhere, but the amount of people that we saw here in the stadium, outside the hotel and the amount of people who have been here in the city wishing us well has been phenomenal." Midfielder Ryan GiggsGeneral impressions of his time in Seattle) "I've enjoyed it. Their fanatical fans really. I think we witnessed that tonight and we've witnessed it all week. You got told that the Seattle fans are the best in the MLS and I think we witnessed that tonight." On the differences between previous visit to Seattle and tonight) "It's a different atmosphere. You see with the home fans that it's there home pitch and they want to do well. Overall we're really pleased with the result. First half, it could have been a lot different. Seattle played really well and we were probably lucky to keep it at zero." On the Sounders' play in the first half) "It could quite have easily been 2-1, 2-all. The second half, the lads played well and every chance they got, they scored. That's what sometimes separates good players from great players." On the expectations that follow the club) "It's something that, whether you've grown up in the club like myself, or if you're a player who's just come in, you realize that it's a huge club. Expectations are high and you're expected to win things."