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White felt fine vs. Man U, now working on fitness

"Hurtado is obviously still out with his MCL. Evans will not be going with us to Panama. Wahl is OK. ... White came through OK, but he's also not going to Panama. We're going to keep him here and keep him training, but he's getting very close."

I also got in a few minutes with O'Brian White, who came on as a reserve against Man U ... his first game minutes since being diagnosed with blood clots in his leg after the April 22 game at Colorado.

Q: How did it feel to return to action?OW: I definitely feel good. No pain, nothing, no restrictions. It felt good to get out there. … It always feels good to get back. Now it’s just a matter to keep moving forward.

Q: How long until you're 90-minutes fit? OW: Definitely in steps, but now it’s just about playing games and keep moving forward. It’s all about game fitness.

Q: What were your impressions of Champions League from your time in Toronto?OW: It’s very very humid over there. Even a night game is very hot. The refereeing is very different over there. Those are the things we have to face and not let it get the best of us.

Q: Will the Man U result affect the club's confidence?OW: It’s kind of like a reality check. We work hard, it’s just unfortunate -- especially in the second half -- we gave up all those goals. But we win as a team and we lose as a team. It’s not like one team what they did. It’s a great team that beat us and we just have to look forward and play the game that we know, work hard and get back on track.