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Sounders: We have to show ability to come back

Here's some Sounders' reaction after their 1-0 loss to San Francisco FC tonight in Panama:

Coach SIGI SCHMIDGeneral comments) "It's 1-0 at halftime. It's important for us to come back and win this thing at home, and it's great preparation for the MLS playoffs. We have got to show our ability to come back and score some goals."

On team offense) "We had a lot of good chances, [Pat] Noonan's header off the post. Good effort. Flaco [Alvaro Fernandez] came in the left side and I think he did good. [Mike] Fucito obviously off the throw-in. But also on the other side they had a couple of chances late."

On conceding penalty kick goal) "Our back four was completely in disarray so then they throw the ball in there, [Jeff] Parke makes a tackle with his hand, the ball probably slipped underneath him. We had a handball as well in the box that he doesn't call. It was more of a volley ball type of play but obviously that's going to happen sometimes."

On training schedule) "We have had a lot of days off. When you really look at it after the Colorado game we haven't had much of what I would call real, real training in the last eight days and I just think it's tough to maintain the rhythm. But I also think [...] we knew this was the one window where we could get a break. Now we have to get a good training session in Houston on Thursday and play better."

Goalkeeper KASEY KELLERGeneral comments) "He [Roberto Brown] finished it well. [...] Yeah, it's frustrating. Like you said, I wasn't extremely busy. I had a couple saves in the second half when we were obviously pushing to get a goal - that would've been bad to go 2-nil down. [...] I feel confident for when we get back to Seattle."

On the days prior to game) "That [the travel] was probably more of the issue than the days off because we trained before we left on Saturday and training was good. Then we travel and get stuck in the Houston airport for an extra four hours, on the plane, off the plane. It was a bit of a disaster. Those things happen as far as travel."

Forward PAT NOONANGeneral comments) "Frustrating. We had our chances. We played well defensively and we made a mistake and they made us pay for it. We had our chances. Fortunately for us we are at halftime. We are very confident we are going to go in and get the result back in Seattle. [...] We are still very confident."

On his header that hit the post) "I didn't know if I got enough curl onto it. It looked like it was kind of coming back but just didn't have enough. Flaco [Alvaro Fernandez] was in a good position but I think the ball bounced up to his stomach. It's just kind of the way it has gone for the past week but luckily it's only been a week and hopefully we can turn things around up in Houston and then focus on the second half of this series and getting the result."