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Reaction to Dynamo's best game of season

Here's more reaction to Houston's 3-1 win over the Sounders Saturday night ... a game that Houston coach Dominic Kinnear said might have been his team's best of the season.

SEATTLE HEAD COACH SIGI SCHMID On the physicality of the game… “You can point to a packed schedule, but we aren’t going to point to a packed schedule. The game was allowed to be played in a very physical nature, which suits them a little more than us because they are bigger than our team is and a little stronger. I think we were looking for fouls sometimes when we shouldn’t have. I just think mentally we lost our concentration, and this is the type of game where if you put Brian Ching on our team, I think we win tonight. I think one player, who is an influential player, who is a leader like that, can make a difference in a game like this.”

On the past few games… “It just feels like a long stretch. I think right now their minds are a blank slate. I don’t know what they are feeling. I think they are feeling tired and disappointed and embarrassed. We have to make sure we get together for our next game.”

On the second half… “We felt we were in the game. We got the penalty kick to go 2-1, and I felt confident that we could get a goal. We gave up a bad third goal, but for sure, I thought they played better in the second half in terms of their possession and their ability to knock the ball around. I thought we gave possession away, but we still had a couple opportunities where we got in. Even at 3-1, I thought we had a couple opportunities to make it 3-2, just not enough. It was not good enough.”

SEATTLE DEFENDER TYSON WAHLOn the game… “It’s definitely frustrating to start the game the way we did, conceding two early goals. If we are going to be one of the top teams in the league, we have got to deal with the travel and all the extras. We are not going to make excuses; we expect more from ourselves. We expect to be able to travel for a week long and still be sharp, and we weren’t. We are not going to make excuses, we are just going to push forward and get back on the right side of things.”

On the second half… “I didn’t feel like we were out of it; we just didn’t have the energy today. I don’t think we got our heads down, but we just didn’t turn it around and bring our energy level back quick enough the way we normally do, which is something we need to work on.”

On Houston’s play… “They have a lot of big guys. [Brian] Ching is great in the box, a lot of other guys are pretty effective in the box. They know how to play in this field. They put balls in the box, and that’s how they are effective.”

HOUSTON DYNAMO HEAD COACH DOMINIC KINNEAROn the game …“I’m very happy for the guys. I told them afterwards I think it’s the best we have played this year. Energy was good, enthusiasm was excellent, and we scored a couple good goals in the beginning of the game, which gave us some energy and some confidence. We had some scary moments there, but all and all, I thought we played very well tonight, and I’m happy for the guys.”

On aggressive play …“I think it just was the team. We talked about they had a tough game with some tough travel earlier in the week, and I told the guys to just try to get off to a good start. They have some good players, a good team over there, some good attacking players, so we wanted to try to make sure they didn’t get a lot of space to play to get into any type of rhythm. I thought we did a pretty good job of pressuring them and winning some second balls. I thought Brian Ching’s movement tonight in the box was excellent. I thought the energy was good, and that was a key for us tonight.”

HOUSTON DYNAMO FORWARD BRIAN CHINGOn the team’s goals …“We came out hard, put a couple of goals in, and made it that much harder for them. All the goals came from great crosses. The first one goes right over [Osvaldo] Alonso, and I trap it, was about to shoot it, and the defender kind of bumps me, and Colin [Clark]’s Johnny-on-the-spot with a good finish. On the second goal, Geoff [Cameron] crosses a great ball that Pat Ianni misjudged, and it was a classic goal for me inside the six, how I like them. The last goal was an awesome hustle from Colin. He was up and down all night. He puts a great ball across, and it’s one of the easier finishes I’ve had.”

On the win …“Everybody came out with confidence, and I think we had fun, and that’s part of it. When you’re losing, it’s hard to find the fun in the game at times, but tonight it looked like everybody was on top of things. Adam [Moffat] came in, his first start for us, and made a good contribution. For myself, I feel like I owe the team a little bit, so I wanted to make an impact. I was fortunate to get some great crosses in tonight and put the ball in the ball in the back of the net.”

On the significance of the win …“We know it’s crunch time. It’s time to get some points at home. It’s time to start moving up the charts if we want to be in the playoffs, and you know we all have pride and we all want to be in the playoffs. We don’t want a repeat of last year. So I think we have to take it upon ourselves to come out and perform, and tonight is a good start. Let’s not read too much into one game. You need to put three, four more like this together, get some more wins, before we start patting ourselves on the back.”

HOUSTON DYNAMO MIDFIELDER GEOFF CAMERONOn the game …“It was a big three points for us. We knew they were playing well and they’ve got a pretty good team, and I think we showed well.”On the game plan …“They obviously are a good team, possession-wise. They have good combination play, they like that early through ball and getting guys to push up early, so we knew that if we intercepted the ball, we’d have to give a nice quick pass to release pressure and we were on our way. I think we did that tonight, and Dom [Kinnear] did the scouting report, and Dom was right on, and the guys executed very well.”

On Brian Ching’s leadership …“It’s kind of funny: We had breakfast this morning, and he said ‘Man, I need to get a couple goals,’ and I said, ‘Don’t worry, you’ll get them,’ and tonight he did. So it’s great. It’s good confidence for him and good confidence for the team; we have trust in him. Jason [Garey] came in, Cam Weaver came in, and everybody did a great job producing. We are happy about the result. We are looking forward to Philadelphia next weekend.”

HOUSTON DYNAMO MIDFIELDER ADAM MOFFATOn his first game in Houston …“Obviously, it was great to get the victory. I thought it was a great performance overall. We’re disappointed with the penalty, and we’re a little bit hard-done to only get three goals, but it’s great and we had some other opportunities as well.”