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'Different reasons' for Sounders giving up goals

I'm not at the club's training sessions this week, as I'm taking a few days vacation in the Central Time Zone between the Houston and Kansas City games. However, the club provided these quotes from coach Sigi Schmid after yesterday's training:

On Sounders FC defense) “I think we have been taking goals for different reasons. Sometimes it’s been an individual breakdown. Sometimes it’s an organizational breakdown. Sometimes it’s just a lack of being tough enough, winning the duels, reacting at the appropriate time. I just try to look at all those different things and identify those things. I think we are a good team, good players. We had a good run defensively in the early part of the season. We just need to get back to that. We can’t forget what got us to where we are at.”

On the CONCACAF match Wednesday) “We have to win by two goals. At the end of the day the game’s the same. We got to win by two goals. A 1-0 win will take it into overtime but we have to win by two so 2-0 wins it for us, 3-1 wins it for us, 4-2 wins it for us but 2-1 doesn’t win it for us. We got to win by two.”

On being back in Seattle) “It’s nice to be at home, sleeping in our own beds, getting into a regular sleeping pattern. ... At the end of the day, our flight down to Panama was an 18-hour travel day from the time we showed up at the airport to when we landed there. You wouldn’t ask someone to take an 18-hour travel day and play a game a day later or two days later. That made it tough. We made adjustments. On the same token, being at home, being able to get a little bit of rest, getting away, getting into a little bit of a rhythm again training-wise, all those things are going to help.”

On Amadou Sanyang) “He’s a player who is good on the defensive end of the ball. He recovers the ball well in midfield, that’s something that we liked when he played with Toronto. He’s got decent size. He’s a physical presence. He’s pretty good in the air. Those are all pluses. So he gives us a little more depth in the midfield area and, as he said, he can possibly play in the back as well so it gives us some depth there in midfield and in the back. We will see how he does, see how he does with his fitness, how quickly he adjusts but certainly as we look forward we obviously need to win this game on Wednesday and we can make our plans from there.”