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SKC home might be best SSS in MLS

[caption id="attachment_19366" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Team benches are built into the stand to allow stands to reach close to the pitch."] [/caption]

I've arrived at Livestrong Park, the dazzling new home of Sporting Kansas City. I also am knocked out. I'm figuring I've been to about 14 of the MLS stadiums, and all of the soccer-specific stadiums except Red Bulls Arena, and this might be the best of the bunch. (Although, granted, Red Bull is a significant exception.)

It is heavy on sideline seating, and the seats run up as close to the touchlines as seems possible. There's a nice 75-yard wide pitch of natural grass. The endzone to the left of your TV screen was built for the Cauldron, the supporters group. And they have their own club area, which is open to away fans after the match. During the match, away fans are in the right corner of your TV screen ... the only corner seating area in the stadium, we are told, because corner seats are generally the last to be sold across MLS.

Overall, there are five club lounges and two levels of suites. The highest-level club lounge is build right next to the team locker room areas, and both teams walk through it on the way to the pitch.

There is a continuous concourse that rings the stadium above the seating bowl. A see-thought roof provides cover and shade (much needed on a hot day like this) while allowing in enough sunlight for the Kentucky bluegrass. There also is a 25x84 foot HD video board, which is about as nice as any I've seen except at CenturyLink.

Really impressive place. And obviously Sporting has taken to it, going 4-0-4 here so far.

The Sounders, of course, will try to remove that zero tonight.