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Goal-scorers give their views on 2-1 win

Here's our game story of the Sounders 2-1 win over Kansas City, and some post-game reaction from Sounders' goal-scorers Mauro Rosales and Lamar Neagle:

NEAGLE:Game winner) They were down a man and once I came on I was getting good in the attack and kind of going at them a little bit on the right and then switched to the left so I could cut in with my right. Mauro did a good job getting by his man, played it to Fucito, he got a touch on it to me, and I just hit it back across the goal. The goalie’s going in the other direction, so it’s tough for him to get back over. I think he got a touch to it, but it still went side netting.

Heat) The heat was bad. I feel like we’re getting used to it though: We’ve been to Panama and then Houston and now here. We’ll have some time home now.

Feeling late in game) We had the momentum by then. We were going at them. We were pushing it and taking shots at their goal. We kind of knew we were going to get a goal. Once we got that first one, we were like ‘They’re not really having any chances, we might as well go all out.’

ROSALESWild ending) It was amazing how we played the last five minutes to win this game. We play against a very tough team. They have very good players. And also the heat was very important thing in the game. And we won. We won and we are very happy about that. Three points for us is very important because we don’t want to be far from LA and Dallas, and we’re very happy about that.

Coming back in that heat) The last part we were without energy. We play both teams on Wednesday and we played 120 minutes. We was without legs and without power, but in the mind we were very focused.