Sounders Insider

Hanauer on NBC deal and Livestrong Park

We got a little time with Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer today to discuss a couple of items that I've blogged on earlier:

The MLS broadcast deal with NBC: "It’s exciting. Versus – NBC Sports – is in a lot more homes, which ultimately is good for us. I think Fox has been a very good partner, still is a good partner for this year. Obviously time will tell, but with the infrastructure and the capacity to promote our league within the NBC family of networks, I think it will end up being a good thing."

Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City: "I was blown away. I was so impressed. Owners Cliff Illig and Robb Heineman gave us a tour around the building. I love CenturyLink, but you see all the benefits of starting from scratch and designing your own building: all of the unique meeting spaces, how social the building is, the intimacy is clearly great, fantastic food options throughout the building. I loved it. The noise for that many people – the roof holds the noise in. I thought it was fantastic and I’m appreciative and thankful to that ownership group that’s put all that time, energy, money into building that franchise into a really important franchise in our league."