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Adu to Chivas USA? Anyone to Sounders?

It's no surprise that the topic of personnel came up in the conversation with Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer today. The reports that national team member Freddy Adu might be coming back to MLS at Chivas USA is seen as a good thing for the league. And of course, it raises the lingering question about whether any similar starpower might be bound for Seattle.

On Adu and other new talent coming into MLS: I think the league continues to gain momentum, to gain credibility. I just continue to think that as long as we keep working hard and doing the right things, making the good decisions, it’s going to continue to improve and increase over time. The fact that Freddy Adu and others are interested and feel like MLS is a good career decision is good, because the more players make that decision, it’s cyclical and it will (build). We do have a very good league, the quality continues to improve, and I just don’t see any reason why there won’t be more and more and better and better players that want to continue to play in the league.On the chances of a high-profile signing in Seattle: We’re working frantically. These things, especially when you’ve got your eyes set on a specific target or two, they get really hairy and complicated, and it’s been no different. We’re working hard on it, but again we’re not going to be desperate and stupid. If we’re unable to nab our target or targets, we’re going to have to live with the consequences.