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Boss back; says 6 goals unrelated to concussion

Medical staff was particularly careful about clearing Boss because this was his third concussion as a Sounder.

I spoke to Boss about the issue after Thursday training. He concludes with one of my favorite quotes of the season:

Q: How many concussions have you had, and how are you now?TB: I’ve had a couple of concussions. I had one last season and one at the beginning of this season, and this one just kind of lingered a little bit longer than the others. Definitely the club wanted to make sure everything was good before I got back, and I appreciate their patience. It was trying to wait it out, but it’s so nice to get back out here on the field.

Q: How much added concern is there over the accumulation of head injuries? TB: Concussions are scary. It’s one of those gray areas when you get hit in the head, like: Was that a concussion? Was it not? But with this last concussion when I got hit I was instantly disoriented and felt like I was on a tilt. For me concussions are always like, when I look back on it I’m like ‘Wow, I really wasn’t right.’

Q: Seattle was using reserves against one of the great clubs in the world, but do you think the concussion had anything to do with surrendering six second-half goals?TB: I’ve watched the game film 100 times, and whether I had a concussion or not, we were put in some pretty bad spots and, as you said, against the world’s best. I don’t think the concussion contributed in any way, shape or form to a goal that was given up.

Q: Is there concern about this happening again as you go forward?TB: I’m going to continue to train and play hard like I always have, and if that’s what happens then that’s what happens. I’m not scared of another one, although all things equal I’d choose not to have one.