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Sounders discuss late non-PK call

The Sounders 0-0 draw might have been a 1-0 win if referee Kevin Stott had awarded a penalty kick when Lamar Neagle was dumped in the 89th minute.

On the other hand, it also might have been a 1-0 win if Alvaro Fernandez had hit the penalty kick was awarded in the 18th minute.

And Sigi Schmid and other Sounders made the point that the two were related, because referees are often hesitant to award a second penalty kick in a game.

Some of the post-game reaction about the non-call:

SchmidObviously we had a penalty kick that we hit the post on, so that didn’t help us. And I guess penalties are like mulligans: You only get one per round, so once we used up our mulligan we weren’t allowed another one.

I’m far away from it, so it’s really tough to tell and I haven’t seen a replay yet. … It looked like he got clipped. But I’m not sure because I’m far away.

It’s not the refereeing. We had chances to score and we had a penalty and we could have scored that one and we walk away today 1-0 winners. Eventually you’ve got to score. But I was happy that we were much better defensively.

NEAGLE On the non-call: Nate played a good ball. He was in the corner, he brought two defenders out with him, so I just cut toward the inside, got a good touch on it, beat my guy, then thought I beat the next guy. I took a touch by him and I think I got clipped. It kind of is what it is: calling two PKs in a game. I haven’t been known to dive in my life. I haven’t practiced it or anything. What can you do? We still had a lot of chances that we could have put it away anyway. We had chances to win the game.

On if the ref said anything to him: No. When it’s that intense at the end of the game, they don’t want to say anything that might incite it or anything like that. It’s understandable.

On Stott seeming to briefly point to the penalty spot: As I fell I looked over and thought he was, so I got the ball and started to run back, and I saw my whole team run back and Friberg running at the ref, and I thought ‘What is going on?’ On speaking to Stoff after the game: I was just asking him about it. He didn’t really saying anything. You can’t really do anything about it anyway. I was just asking what he saw.

PAT NOONANOn the PK awarded: "He got the first one right, it was a handball. The second one, from my angle on the bench it was tough to see. I haven't seen the replay enough to validate whether it was or it wasn't, but aside from that we should've had one or two chances to put away and not even have to worry about that being the final decision. We just have got to be better in front of the goal, mainly myself tonight."

On if it's generally harder to get a second one: "No question. Especially when youre at home and you've had chances. You can't leave it in the referee's hands that late in the game to make another PK call. It should've been put away long before that. Whether it was or it wasn't, it's not on the referee."

KASEY KELLEROn if it's generally hardeer to get a second one: Sometimes, but you would think that a penalty is a penalty regardless. I didn’t think the first one was necessarily a penalty. Those are very difficult calls. The handball in the box, really what could he have done? I was standing right there, and the guy kind of kicks it into his hand.FERNANDEZOn his PK miss, which hit the left post:Unfortunately I couldn’t convert it. But I happy that the team managed to create the opportunities. ... I don’t think the problem had to do with the strength, it was more about the direction. I shot right into the post, it bounced back onto the keeper and out. It was not that badly kicked, but it cost us the two points.