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Coaches react to Sounders' 4-1 CCL victory

Here's the overview reaction from both coaches after the Sounders opened CONCACAF Champions League group play with a come-from-behind 4-1 win over Comuniciones.

Comuniciones coach IVAN SOPEGNOFour goals, it’s tough to explain. The first half was excellent, and we had a good handle on the match. But the reality of football is like this: The other team all of a sudden became precise and very fast. But I still think that we put a good effort and we had a moment that we could be reacting in that second half with a ball that supposedly got in from our point of view – not the referee – and in my opinion that was a mistake that cost us a lot.

SIGI SCHMIDObviously we’re pleased with a victory, and in this tournament you’ve got to win home games. It was nice to be able to start off the tournament at home. I thought our team showed a lot of character coming back again from 1-0 and then being 1-1 and having a player ejected and being a man down and being able to score two goals showed a little bit more. I thought we did a good job attacking at times. There were times when they were dangerous for sure on the counterattack and caused us some problems, but overall I was pleased with our ability to finish our chances today.

On playing from behind) "I told the team at halftime that there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that we let the other team score two minutes into the game. The good news is that when the other team scores first, it seems that we score a goal, so we'll score some goals today."

On players returning from injury) "I thought they were successful. I thought Kennedy played well. I think it took him 10 or 15 minutes to get into the game, but after that I thought he was solid. Brad Evans shows what he helps provides us by getting that goal off the corner kick and getting an assist. He was good at winning those flick ons. Those are little things that are really important that oftentimes go overlooked. I didn't expect him to be able to go 90 minutes, but he was able to conserve his energy for the right times and get through it. I thought both of their returns were good."

On Boss) "The first goal shook everyone up a little bit, maybe him as well. After that he settled in and played okay. There was one scramble in the second half, it was tough to tell from where I was at what exactly happened there. We can't play Kasey every game. He needs some rest as well. I thought Terry played well today."

On Lamar Neagle's red card) "He didn't go to kick the man, he went to play the ball. The ball was gone and he swung pretty aggressively. I can't argue with the red card. There were probably a couple others. There were a couple of two footed tackles and certainly the foul on Rosales late was something that didn't look as violent, but was as violent from the standpoint that we might have a player who is injured and they have a player who is able to walk it off. I can't argue that. It was a red card. He swing and missed the ball. It sounded pretty violent and looked pretty violent."

On the 11 cards shown) "There were a lot of cards. Some referees pull a lot of cards. I haven't coached in a game where he's refereed before, but I understand from talking to people that he likes to pull a lot of cards."

On Sounders' depth) "As we've said, we think our team is deep and to play in a tournament like this you have to rely on depth. I told the guys before the game that every guy we're putting out there has the ability to be a starter or is a starter on this team. Mike started for us in a series of games where we did well as a team. Sometimes you get in and out of form a little bit, but I thought he training had gotten a lot better of late and he deserved the opportunity to get out there and play. He rewarded me, but mainly he rewarded himself. When you do that you get more opportunities."

On opening CCL at home) "Better. It'd be nice if we could play the next two at home. Going to Monterrey is difficult. The most important thing in this tournament is winning our games at home. If we can win our games at home, then we'll see what we can get on the road. We're pleased that we got off to a better start and gives our team a lot more confidence."