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Balanced schedule unlikely for MLS in 2012

The Sounders are traveling home today and we won't have access until after training tomorrow. So, with the club off limits I thought I'd pass along an interesting Sporting News piece I came across looking at MLS scheduling next year -- when Montreal brings the league up to 19 clubs -- and beyond.

Bottom line: Everything -- including single table -- is on the table.

Here's the most relevant couple of paragraphs.

The Montreal Impact will become MLS’ 19th team next year, meaning two more games would have to be added to an already congested schedule to maintain the current home-and-away balance. There likely isn’t room. “More than likely, you won't see a balanced schedule going forward," Garber said recently during a meeting with fans. "The real question is whether we have a competition that is conference based, which means you're playing against your conference more, or is it rivalry based, which would work well for television but might be less balanced in terms of the fairness of the competition."