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Schmid on road sweep: 'It worked out all right'

The Sounders resumed local training today, after sweeping a two-game road trip to MLS Dallas and CCL Monterrey.

Because we members of the media are paid for our penetrating observations, we mentioned to coach Sigi Schmid that it wasn't a bad road trip.

“It worked out all right," he said. "Obviously a little bit of squad rotation in terms of playing games and trying to keep people fresh, a little bit of playing in the heat also. It’s always a lot harder training in cooler weather and going into heat. For our team to be able to play in a little bit of a different style and still come out on top is the important thing. It shows that we have grown over the years of being able to find ways to win games. We found a way to win in Dallas and we found a way win a game in Monterrey.”

More from Schmid:

On Sounders FC confidence) “Confidence is certainly good. […] With the players winning those games now their confidence is good and they know that we can be in a game, it can be 1-nothing and we can hold on. We can be down in a game, that doesn’t mean it’s over, we can come back and win it. So I think they are very confident in their ability to win in different ways.”

On the home matches Saturday against the Columbus Crew and the Tuesday match against FC Dallas in U.S. Open Cup) “These next two matches are big. Saturday’s match is a big match for us because obviously we want to stay where we are at. We worked hard to get into second place in Dallas and we want to be able to hold on and maintain it. We know Dallas has a tough game coming up. We know L.A. has got a tough game on the road. We are at home so this is a week maybe for us to extend some distance between us and Dallas but more importantly maybe make up some ground to L.A. ... (The Crew) have done well. Obviously they decided to make some changes. They had some guys who in their minds had gotten a little bit older and they felt they needed to change the core of the team, which they did. And they have had some good years from people. People have responded. Mendoza has obviously gotten some goals for them. Renteria has gotten goals as well. Robbie Rogers is playing better over the last part of the season. Eddie Gaven before he got hurt was a very effectual player. I took them a while I think to realize where people fit and their best positions. They have a moved a guy like Emmanuel Ekpo around a little bit. […] It’s a team that has settled and Robert [Warzycha] I’m sure is very proud of the team and at this stage they have done very well. They should be very proud of where they are at.”

Meanwhile, one disappointing sight today was Michael Seamon walking with a foot/ankle boot.

"It was an injury he suffered while we were gone and progressively got worse," Schmid said. "I haven’t been fully brought up to date on that."

Schmid also said that he does not expect Steve Zakuani to play this season, but that he should be ready for the start of the 2012 training camp.