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Zach Scott: Shrinking fan club, expanding role

After Sounders training today, I asked Scott about it:

"When I was with the older Sounders team, I had to work as well, and one of the jobs I had was in the accounting department of one of (general manager Adrian Hanauer's) companies: Northwest Framing, and Mad Pizza. So those were a bunch of people I worked with for several years who were always very supportive of me playing soccer. It’s just one of the things that started with some humor behind it, and it was just cool to see everybody. I hadn’t seen them for a couple of years."

Q: Where you educated in that?ZS: It was all kinds of accounting stuff: data entry and stuff like that. … My education was to be a teacher, but I have a math degree, so it was just something the fit naturally.

Q: What's current membership of the fan club?ZS: It’s slowly getting smaller and now consists mainly of my wife and kids, and that’s about it.

Q: Sigi Schmid seems to like using you against Dallas and Brek Shea.ZS: It was kind of the same thing that happened when we played them at home. We knew how they like to target Brek at lot in the air. He’s an outlet for them coming out of the back. (Schmid) basically simplified my role, asked me to take away that option for them, force them to find an outlet somewhere else. Fortunately I was able to help out anyway that I could.

Q: How much were you guarding an area of the pitch and how much just marking Shea?ZS: You could see at the end of the game they ended up shifting Shea to the other side, and moving someone else to my side. You’ve still got to talk and communicate. They’re very fluid offensively. Their players interchange a lot. So just being sure that we’re talking defensively so when a player comes into your zone you’re aware of it, and when a player leaves your zone, you’re telling the guy next to you to keep his head up.

Q: The team seems to be playing better defense regardless of what lineup Schmid uses.ZS: I think everybody’s really taken on the role that’s been asked of them. I think everybody realizes that we do have a lot of depth, it is a long season, there’s a lot of opportunity to play, so you need to be playing well, you need to be playing consistent, because there is a lot of opportunity for you to get in there, and then when you are called upon, you do your job to the best of your abilties. And so far everyone who’s come in has been fantastic.