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Crew reacts: Early goal and downhill from there

Here's some reaction from the Columbus locker room to the Crew's 6-2 defeat at Sounders FC:

Robert Warzycha- Head Coach(On the starting out the game poorly…) “As I hate to say the game was difficult after twenty-minutes we were three goals down. The goals we gave up today are not the best ones, we made a lot of mistakes and they punished us. I think it was fortunate for Seattle that they scored easy goals today.”

(On his speech to the team at halftime…) “We changed the system a little bit and tried to stay positive and win the half.”

(On his team’s breakdowns during the match…) “To be honest they were moving quicker and more aggressive with the ball. Sometimes we tried to help and shift and another guy would be open. I think, to many easy chances.”

(On Jeff Cunningham becoming the MLS all-time goal scorer…) “That is probably the only positive thing to come from the game today. For him to get a goal and his record is a good thing. We still have eight games till the playoffs, we have to regroup and win the next game.”

William Hesmer- Goalkeeper(On giving up three quick goals to start the match…) “They put us under pressure to start. I haven’t seen the replays of the penalty but I was sure I saved the first one, but I have to do better on that one. From there it was just down hill.”(On making changes to stop Seattle offensive onslaught…) “They have to be little mentality tougher. You have to learn to put things behind you and believe in yourself and your ability to comeback. It was a tough start probably lead to many other troubles.”

(On nearly coming up with a save on Seattle’s first goal…) “It bounced up on the turf and came back into me. I was stuck in between pushing it wide and catching it. I didn’t get enough of it, I thought initially I did. It looked like it spun inside. It is just too hard to play in a place like this to give up a goal like this.”

Jeff Cunningham- Forward(On becoming the MLS all time leader scorer…) “I’m going to keep this ball for the rest of my life. This is a great feeling. Fourteen years is a long time in this league and to become the all time scoring leader is a great honor. There have been some great players who are part of this league, and I’m just honored to be apart of their group in terms of goal production. I’m very humbled of Jamie Moreno, Brian McBride, Landon Donavon, and all those guys. The list goes on and I’m just honored to be grouped with those guys. I appreciate all the support over the years from the fans; the Columbus Crew were I started my career. To get the opportunity to possible finish my career here, you couldn’t ask for anything better. I have been playing this game since I was three or four and to get to this point, to have this ball is a big honor and I’m very proud.”