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Neagle and Sounders discuss hat trick

LAMAR NEAGLE(On playing at the MLS level...) "Since it's so early I've kind of worked my way up with the Sounders. The level was kind of just a little bit too fast for me in 2009 and going down really helped me out in Charleston."

(On his first goal...) "I didn't really hit it too well but I mean a shot on goal has a chance so sometimes you get those."

(On his second and third goals...) "The third one was kind of like at Salt Lake. Most of the game I was crossing my left and I wasn't cutting in and then finally he was kind of seeing that and he was cutting off the line so I cut in and had some space and hit it. On the second one, James (Riley) put in a great cross right to the back post where I was sitting. I was all alone and I just had to tap it."

(On scoring at CenturyLink Field ...) "Yeah, it's great. Finally scored in front of family. I had a lot of people here. I think I had 16 tickets I had to give out so there's a bunch of people waiting in the green loft." (On if he has ever been on a team with so many scoring options...) "Not really. There's always been those one or two guys that bang in a lot of goals but this is great because who do they mark? Any given day we have people who step up and it's been like that all season with the depth that we have. We have players that can kind of rotate in and out without dropping a beat."

Coach SIGI SCHMID(On Lamar Neagle and his three goals today...) "He feels he can go back to Federal Way and they'll actually treat him well and treat him with respect [laughs]. No, I mean it was great. He keeps working hard. He's working on his first touch, which is something that's helping his game come along. Like I said, the first goal he got, he got a little bit fortunate; the second goal was clinical. It was a great volley, a great cross from...from Riley...And then the third goal, I mean he loves cutting inside and hitting that. It was a little bit similar to the goal he got against Salt Lake. I'm glad the linesman was well-positioned to call it, because it was obviously in. So he's got to be a very happy young man.

MAURO ROSALES(On Lamar Neagle scoring three goals today...) "Yeah, I'm very happy for him. It's something he's working on every day and every training [session], trying to get his chances. Today, three goals and I'm very happy for him. I hope he can keep it up with this performance."