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Ochoa works, but three weeks from play

The Sounders have concluded training for another day. And the new face joining them was Sammy Ochoa, acquired last week.

"I’m really happy to be here," he said. "I was here a week last time I came on trial. MLS and Seattle got to an agreement, and I’m here and I’m really happy. It’s a really good team, a really good group of guys, and I’m happy to be here.

Coach Sigi Schmid sounded happy too:

"He scored a good goal," Schmid said after watching training. "He’s patient around the box. He’s a good finisher. He holds up the ball. He shows for the ball well up high. So those are all positive things. Now it’s a matter of just getting his game legs under him because he hasn’t trained in a while, played in a consistent basis in a while. So it’s going to take a little bit of time for us to do that, but there’s definitely pieces to work with on his ability to hold up the ball and his ability to finish."

However, Ochoa hasn't played a competitive game since his brief appearance with the Sounders reserves in June, so he and Schmid were uncertain when he might be ready for his debut in a real game.

"Not at this stage," Schmid said. "I think that’s probably at least, I would say at least three weeks away."

More from Ochoa:

On this first day of training) It was good. It was good to get training with the boys. I didn’t think I was going to train, but they told me to suit up. I was really really happy to train and be a part of the team.

His memories from the trial) It was a good week. I got a reserve game in. I got a goal in. So it felt really good. I just had to wait on the league and see what they were going to decide.

On if he thought he'd be back) I don’t know. I saw the list where Seattle was going to be allocated sixth, so there were a couple of teams ahead of them. I was just hoping it would be Seattle.

On what he's been doing since then) Training on my own. Trying to keep in shape. Getting a couple of games in. And anxious for a team.

On his relationship with Schmid) Pretty good. I had him when he was with the Galaxy, I trained with them when my brother was there. I had him in the u-20s. I have a good relationship with Sigi.

On when he will be game-fit and what he will be able to bring) I haven’t had a real game since the reserve game, and I only played like 30 minutes, so I don’t really know. I think with the work, I’ll be good. I’m just trying to add to the team, help them out, try to score goals – that’s what I’m here for. Do the best I can.

On his playing style) Forward into the box. I’m used to playing like that. I don’t know if they play the same way here. The coaches have been telling me that it’s really different to the league in Mexico, so I have to get used to the league here. It’s just a matter of time.

On the frustrations of his time playing with Mexico's Estudiantes Tecos in Guadalajara) It was really hard, especially the team where I was at. We (played) four or five games and a new coach came in. So you play three games and a new coach came in, and he didn’t know who you were. He didn’t have nothing to do with you, so he would start some other guy. It was off and on. It was really hard to keep playing. But I tried my hardest at practice, but coaches decide who plays. … It’s really really hard.

On why MLS feels right for him now) The coaching. The MLS, it’s been going a lot since I went pro five years ago. I really been wanting to come to MLS for a long time, but it just never happened. I’m really happy and excited to be here. … I kept an eye on Sigi’s teams and I know a lot of guys that I played with going back to the youth teams, California teams. There’s a couple of guys that I know from back home, so it’s pretty good. … Ianni, Evans, I know them from the youth teams and really really good relationship with them.

On the welcome from his teammates) The guys are really cool – all of them. They’re a good group of guys. I’m really happy to be here.