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Schmid: Reserve GK Boss' season in jeopardy

Sounders No. 2 goalkeeper Terry Boss is back in town after returning from the Puerto Rico national team with concussion symptoms. Boss has a history of concussions -- most recently in the Manchester United friendly -- and another confirmed incident could shut him down for the season, coach Sigi Schmid said today.

If it comes to that, the Sounders would have only about a week before the MLS rosters freeze on Sept. 15. Schmid said the club is considering whether to sign another reserve keeper or pull someone from the MLS emergency pool.

Boss was not made available to the media today. Here's what Schmid had to say:

Boss health update: We’ll find out more today, because he just get in last night. He’ll be out for our game on Saturday, as we see it right now unless something changes. But apparently there was an incident in the game, and so basically to be cautious and to err on the side of caution, we wanted him to come back and have our doctors have a look at him.

On if series of concussions have become career-threatening: For sure it’s a thing that could threaten the rest of the season at this stage, with the amount that it’s been. And then whether it goes beyond that as to the career, that’s something that you have to see. I’ve been through it with Chad Marshall, and they shut Chad Marshall down in the 2007 season I think from August on. And they came back and he’s played three-four years now without any issues. So sometimes it does turn around, but right now he’s had a few this year, so it could threaten the rest of the season.

On whether the Sounders will sign a new goalkeeper before MLS roster freeze on Sept. 15: That’s something we’re discussing right now, we’re looking at right now. We’d have to see what our options are. Obviously, goalkeepers are dealt with a little bit differently in that you have league goalkeepers and pool goalkeepers, so they allow you to pull up a goalkeeper. But we’ll make a decision where maybe, does it make sense for us to sign a goalkeeper, is that the way to go, or will the league allow us to call up a goalkeeper. But right now it’s too early to deal with that until we know Terry’s full assessment.