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Schmid: Crackdown on simulation needed

Jhon Kennedy Hurtado wasn't around in the locker room to discuss the red card he picked up in the 39th minute of Seattle's 2-1 loss to Salt Lake. And coach Sigi Schmid implied he didn't get a good enough look to complain much about Alvaro Saborio's backwards fall to the CenturyLink turf. However, he seemed suspicious.

"I haven’t seen the replay," Schmid said. "The referee has a tough job. It’s hard for him to make the call not having the benefit of seeing the replay. The thing the bothers me is if it was simulation. If a player goes down holding his face when he didn’t get hit in the face, I think that’s an issue. I think that’s unprofessional, and I think that’s something the league really needs to start looking at and start addressing. And again, I don’t know, I haven’t seen the replay personally, so I don’t know if he got hit in the face, or if he got hit in the chest. But certainly from his actions on the field, he reacted as if he got hit in the face."

Interestingly, Real coach Jason Kreis seemed even more skeptical of the call.

"I would go further and say I don’t think Seattle’s red card was warranted," he said. "I don’t think their player elbowed Alvaro Saborio on purpose. I just think the referee made some bad decisions."