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Schmid: Embarrassed last season, proud now

(On the win…) “Obviously that’s something we are very happy about. Last year we were disappointed in our performance in Champions League, maybe even a little bit embarrassed. It was definitely a goal we had set for ourselves that we wanted to get better as we came back into it. So we went 2-0 in our first three games on the road, which makes it even that much greater of an accomplishment. I’m very proud of what we have done.”

(On the goals…) “I think it worked out well. Nate [Jaqua’s] size certainly helped us there. That was something we were looking to do. We felt we had that advantage on them. The first goal was a great ball played by Nate into Montero. A good run by Fredy and he finished it well. The second goal we tried to take advantage of Nate’s size. He pushes it on. I think roger [Levesque] is the one who got it and scored the goal. In between I don’t know if we played necessarily our best soccer but it’s been a long haul. The travel was pretty difficult getting here, dividing guys onto three flights. We usually don’t point to those things but after the game we can talk about those things, being split onto three flights, flights was delayed yesterday. We got in really late to the hotel, didn’t get a chance to practice on this field, and it was very bumpy and so forth. We were able to overcome all those obstacles and deal with it and come out with a win.”

(On Fredy Montero…) “Goal scorers, sometimes they are streaky. He is hitting a good streak and we need him to hit a good streak. We have been the kind of team when he wasn’t on a streak there was somebody else who would step up and score goals for us. It’s good to see Fredy get goals now. He scored an important goal in the Open Cup. He scored an important goal obviously in league and now scored again here in this competition to get an early lead, which is very important in these games away from home.”

(On the defense…) “The defense stepped up. As we inserted James Riley it was more-or-less a 5-4-1, so we wanted to do that, get [Amadou] Sanyang in the midfield to give some help to [Servando] Carrasco defensively. Obviously they were floating a lot of balls into the box. We feel pretty confident in our ability in the air, maybe needed to press the ball a little bit more but the defense held strong, came up with some big headers, made some big saves […] Sometimes when you’re away from hom like this that’s just what you need to do to get the win.”

(On CS Herediano…) “Well what helps us more so than anything is for us to win today because now they [Herediano] have played three games and have zero points. For them right now it’s like us last year when we lost our first three games. It’s probably not all that likely that they are going to still advance. The team that they bring up to Seattle next week might be a completely different team because their emphasis now is going to fall more to the league and away from this competition, I would assume. So what we are going to take out of it is hopefully the fact that they will come with a different team and maybe a lesser team because today they played the exact same team they played on Saturday. It was all their starters. This was the game that they wanted to win.”