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Rosales hurts knee; Schmid angry

Mauro Rosales suffered a knee injury late in tonight's 3-0 win over D.C. United, and admitted after the game that is has him worried.

"I will check Monday to know how it is," he said. "It looks like my ligaments stretch a little bit, the inside."

Sounders coach Sigi Schmid said Rosales will definitely be held out of the Champions League match Tuesday against Herediano. And he was more than a little uphappy with the late tackle that injured Rosales and with referee Kevin Stott's handling of the game in a way that allowed it to happen.

"Mauro’s played great," he said. "(But) the league’s got to start protecting him. The last two games, teams have gone out there and kicked him, and I don’t think the league has done a good job protecting him. Today was a case in point. We’re up on top of the game 3-0, and he’s got the ball at his feet, and I think it’s a tackle that’s just mean to get a little kick in, and who knows how long he’s out now. We have a talented player in this league: He’s a good player, a player who fans want to come out and watch him play, and then we let people – thugs – hit him and we don’t protect him enough, and I think that’s something that’s got to happen with the referees. So I’m very disappointed. The last game before this one, the first three times he touched the ball he got fouled and nothing got called. Today early on he got dumped quite a few times. A lot of times he’s not getting calls. I’d like to see the referee – Kevin Stott – stand there and let Brandon McDonald run into his back and see if he could stay on his feet. I’m very disappointed in that."

More from Rosales:On if the injury was frustrating given the time it happened) "I was very frustrated with this because there was nothing to lose, nothing to win...The knee is usually a bad thing. If it's something like an ankle it's no problem, but the knee, I'm really worried about what's going to happen."

On if he was getting fouled all game) "I was not always on the attack, sometimes just holding the ball and I get fouled."