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D.C. reacts: 3-0 didn't feel like 3-0

Here's some of what D.C. United had to say after their 3-0 loss to the Sounders tonight at CenturyLink:

Coach BEN OLSENOn the result) "I don't necessarily think it was a 3-0 game but all coaches that lose 3-0 say that, don't they? Looking at the stats, it's pretty close. We had some chances, unfortunately most of them when we were down several goals, but on the day they were a better team. We made a couple of mistakes and they have a very good attacking group that made us pay. They're running out of midfield was pretty good early and it caught us. But at 1-0, I think we're OK. The second one hurt us right before half, as it always does. But this one is put behind us. We have a big one Wednesday. When you're in a playoff race like this you can't sit on these too much. You're going to have a game where a team takes advantage of some situations. They're a good team. Sigi [Schmid] has done a good job with them and especially in the last month where he's had to manage a lot of minutes in games, so give him credit." On pulling players early to give them rest for Wednesday) "Yeah, we've got a lot of games. Dwayne [De Rosario] looked like he was hobbling a little bit and we wanted to see some other guys get some action. I think that's one positive out of this is that [Josh] Wolff came on and looked very sharp. It's been a while for him, as far as getting game action. And we got [Marc] Burch a little time, so that's one positive." On Joseph Ngwenya) "I thought Joe was very busy tonight, as usual. His running is very good. So I really felt he put in a good shift." On how concerned he is about moving forward after a loss like this) "I'm not so concerned for the guys. It's tough. Our focus now is on Wednesday's game. Throughout a season you're going to have some games like this where a team makes a couple mistakes and you get punished. Again, we are in no position to sit and dwell on things and I think they know that, that there's games coming up that are very important." Forward DWAYNE DE ROSARIOOn the result) "We went out there and battled. We've just got to put it behind us. Of course it's not easy when you come to this environment. Their fans are great. When you look at their turf nobody wants to play on it, so you've got to overcome that mentally. I thought there were some good parts but at the end of the day I thought Seattle was definitely the better team." On how difficult it will be to move forward after a loss like this) "Well, hopefully when we go back home now we'll have the fans on our side. We'll be mentally ready against a team where we should get three points, but I think what we learned tonight is that when its coming down to crunch time, any mistake you can get punished. We've got to limit our mistakes and keep our chances going forward." Forward JOSH WOLFFOn the result) "Obviously it's disappointing. I think the idea is to get to halftime hopefully even or ahead somehow but I think we gave up a couple of goals there. The second one really puts you behind the eight ball, but give them credit. They were good. We held strong for a good bit, but once they got one they get a little momentum and a rhythm going and it's tough to stop them. I think once they got the second one it put us in a tough situation for the second half. Our guys fought hard, everyone comes away from it pretty healthy and we've got another big game on Wednesday."