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Sounders 'very pleased' with win over DC

Other than the injury to Mauro Rosales, which is covered in a post below, a lot when right for the Sounders tonight in their 3-0 win over D.C. United.

Here's some reaction:

SIGI SCHMIDOpening comments) "Obviously it was great to get a three-nothing win today. You know, the team - we always makes Kasey [Keller] earn his paycheck. To win three-nothing on a day where we lost a very special person like 'Electron Boy' who - that whole thing he did with us with the Make-A-Wish Foundation was just tremendous. I know that was something that was on all the players' minds and that helped them move forward into this game today. I thought we were pretty solid. I thought we got off to a good start but didn't get any goals but then I thought all the goals we scored today were quality goals and I was very pleased." On the fans' support and setting the new season total attendance record) "It's great. They come out and are liquid sunshine as well. Our fans are always there for us. I'm just happy that we can go out there and put on a performance like we put on today and, I think, reward them for their support and give them something to leave and be happy about and be able to hoist a beer to. But our fans have been phenomenal but as I said the other day, the front office and everybody that puts all the effort into doing the whole ticket sales, getting people here, the marketing effort. I have not been in a better organization in this league. There is no better organization in this league."

On Alvaro Fernandez scoring two goals) "It was great. Obviously Flaco can't play on Tuesday because he's out with the two yellows so we wanted to use all the minutes we could out of him today. He scored two great goals. The ball from Mauro [Rosales] on the second goal was tremendous and Fredy [Montero] did a good job getting on with the header at the back post and Flaco was there. At the end of the game, we were just trying to get him to sit and go nice and easy and he still wanted to continue to make runs forward. But it worked out. We were able to get 90 minutes out of him today and rest somebody else." On the defense) "I thought it was good. I thought we did a good job bottling up Charlie Davies. I think we did a good job bottling up [Dwayne] De Rosario. Obviously, Ozzie Alonso played a big part in that. Jeff Parke, we wanted to get Parke matched up on Davies more times than not. I think he did a good job there and I think we did a good job of not allowing the game to get stretched too much. It got stretched a couple times when we made some turnovers. Those were, I thought, their best chances." Midfielder ALVARO FERNANDEZOn his two goals) "Scoring two goals helps our team get a win. On a personal note, it gives me confidence for the future."

On if the team plays a fun style of soccer) "Even though we're taking every game seriously, we're also trying to have fun ourselves and have our fans have fun. It also gives us good chances to keep winning games."

Goalkeeper KASEY KELLEROn shutting out a goal-scoring team like DC) "They're a good attacking team. Charlie [Davies], and [Joseph] Ngwenya, and to bring in a Josh Wolff--he can create for a team-and De Ro [Dwayne De Rosario], it's a good attacking team. We had some good chances early, and after the first goal I thought they got into the game pretty well, but we kept them at bay a bit. Hitting that goal right before halftime made a big difference, and getting the third. But they never quit. They kept coming and coming and coming, and we tried to concede a goal but we didn't do it because it could have been interesting."

On the Rosales injury) "It's always unfortunate when somebody takes a hit at that time of the game when you're winning and you know the game's won, but we'll see how it is. It's a bad part of the game, but it happens, and hopefully he'll be ready to roll."

On the play of the team) "Mauro's done great for us, obviously, and all the way around--[Fernandez] comes in with two goals, I thought it was one of the best games Fredy [Montero] has played without scoring. He held the ball up for us really well today, and connected, and made a great head on the far post for [Fernandez]'s [second] goal. Good team effort today, great to see Mike Fucito get on the score sheet again with a great run off the guy's shoulder...Overall, I'm very pleased. The only thing I can think of if I'm going to be a little bit critical is in the last half-hour of the game when it was three-nil, I think we could have done a little better job of first time clearances, not putting ourselves in situations because in a playoff game maybe the goal difference makes a difference."