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Schmid says he has good dialogue on MLS refs

However, Schmid said today that he has a good relationship with the league office and that he never gets any unhappy or threatening calls in the wake of his occasional complaints about refereeing.

"I haven't yet ... maybe somebody intercepted the call," he said. "I haven't yet. I have a pretty good relationship with Paul Tamberino (MLS director of referee development). I've known Paul for a lot of years now. He was one of the referees in this league who I thought was a pretty good referee, and we have some pretty open dialogues and email exchanges, where he tells me he thinks I'm full of it when he thinks I'm full of it. I'll tell him the same. But I don't mind those dialogues: I think those are good. Those are opinions, we're sharing them, and he tells me what he thinks. Sometimes I see his point of view, sometimes I don't; and sometimes he sees my point of view, and vice versa. But no: I haven't gotten a call yet this week. ... It's only (Monday).