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Near-hero Ochoa nervous, excited in debut

Sounders forward Sammy Ochoa made his debut tonight, coming on in the 74th minute, and almost becoming the hero with a header on goal in the 89th.

Here was some of his postgame reaction:

On almost scoring at the end of the game) "I didn't see the goalie...I thought it was in, but all of a sudden his hand showed up." On how he was feeling in his debut) "A little nervous, but excited. I think after I touched the ball the nerves went away and I felt good. Bad thing we didn't get the win but still it felt good to play."

On chasing the game at the end) "It's really hard. Being a forward, you're required to be there at the right time and take advantage of minute-to-minute to get in. I was trying to do my best. I didn't get the goal, but I was there on that cross."

On how he felt physically) "I felt good. For 20 minutes I felt really good but I think as soon as I put in a little more work--I'm not in a rush--I'm pretty sure with the staff I'll get there."

On not having to rush himself into shape) "We have great players on top, a lot of great competition. I'm not in a rush. We're taking this slow, the slower the better, but I can't wait to get out there."