Sounders Insider

RSL catches Sounders for second in West/MLS

There's a new look in the MLS standings today as Real Salt Lake has pulled even with Seattle for second place in the Western points race and in the league ... with one game in hand.

Real slipped past the Sounders with a 3-1 win over New York last night.

If the playoff order remains as it is, this change won't alter the playoff pairings -- Real and Seattle will still meet in an dazzling Western semifinal ... so dazzling that it stands as the chief flaw in MLS's playoff system: "Hey, Real, nice season. Congratulations. Now go play Seattle." (Or vice versa.) In any case, one of the top three teams in the league is assured of not advancing among the final four in the playoffs.

This weekend, Salt Lake visits DC United, while Seattle goes to Vancouver.