Sounders Insider

GM: Cascadia away tickets must grow evenly

Saturday's game in Vancouver will mark the fourth and final of the Cascadia Cup rivalry games for the Sounders this season. With 500 fans traveling this season between Seattle and Portland and Vancouver, Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer was asked today if that figure might grow next season.

"We’ll wait for the end of the season to address it, do a review of how things went," he said. "And again, one of the pieces to the puzzle that we will always thing about is maintaining home field advantage. One thing I can almost guarantee is that there will not be 20,000 Vancouver and Portland fans in our building, while there are 500 or our fans in their buildings. If there’s some sort of hybrid solution, then we’re certainly willing to look at that. But this is a competitive league: salary cap, very few ways to gain a competitive advantage, and we’re just not going to give it up for the heck of it. Again, I’ve said this before, we’re greedy business people just like everybody else. Certainly we could sell more tickets and take some more revenue, but we have to balance what’s right for our team."