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Schmid calls Whitecaps a dangerous team

Some of the highlights:

On Vancouver Whitecaps FC) “They’re a dangerous team because it’s a big game for them. It’s their last game at Empire so that’s important to them, as well. On the offensive side of the ball I think they’ve got some weapons. I think Hassli’s a good player, Camilo [Sanvezzo] has done well for them on the flank—the Brazilian—[Davide Chiumiento] is a good technical skillful player who can make things happen for them. They’ve got guys that you need to worry about on the offensive end of things and there have been times where they played very well. If you look at their game with the Galaxy it’s not a 3-0 game. In the first half, if you cut out the goal from the game in that first half and you say to someone watching the game, ‘Who was the better team?’ It was probably Vancouver. We have to be aware that this is a team that’s playing well. They’re playing for their jobs. There’s players that know they’re auditioning. They know there’s a new coach coming in. They know their results here at the end of the year, even though they might not lead to the playoffs, they’re still very important in terms of keeping their situation on their team.”

On this year’s Cascadia Cup) “Certainly it’s been intense. Obviously when you look at Portland’s game at our place, our game at Portland, Vancouver’s game, it’s been intense. It’s been a good rivalry. There’s been some fantastic moments. [Eric] Hassli’s goal against us was obviously a superior goal. Us coming back and winning at Portland on the road was obviously something that was one of the more exciting games of the year. I think when you have a rivalry like this it should bring out games that you remember for a long time or moments that you remember for a long time—and it already has in a very short history.

On if the intensity is different in the Cascadia Cup games) “Yeah, for sure with Portland. I think when you get into the environment of Empire Stadium and it’s their last game there and you hear the crowd and feel the emotion that’ll get it going for our guys. There’s maybe less verbage that’s exchanged between us and Vancouver than there is between us and Portland, so maybe it’s going to take the stadium environment to really put the kicker on it.” On how you prepare for the long road trip that will include Vancouver, Guatemala and New England) “How do you prepare for any road trip? Obviously, we’re going to be away for a long time so guys are going to have to entertain themselves and get along with each other. I think that’s the important thing with a road trip—that you don’t get bored sometimes. The travel right now looks like it’s going to be a little easier for us on this road trip. We’re not having to divide up on three different flights to get down to Dallas so that’s going to make it much better. We’ve got a charter going in and out of Guatemala, so that’s going to give us a big help in terms of planning our schedule and doing the things we want to do as a team on a timely basis.”