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Whitecaps saw PK call as ball-to-arm

Here's some Vancouver reaction to their 3-1 loss last night to the Sounders:

Tom Soehn (head coach)Thoughts on the match:“We’re very disappointed. I said before the game, this is more than just a game. There was so much at stake with the rivalry with Seattle. We wanted to send out fans something special and we just slipped today, especially because of the opportunities there was for us in the game”.

On strikers:“We started the game out well, but we didn’t hold the ball up well enough. Both guys had opportunities and you expect those guys to finish those. After half, Eric did a much better job holding the ball up.”

On the penalty:“Jay was protecting himself, it hit him in the arm, they are called sometimes and sometimes they are not, but the ref called it so it was a PK”.

On the quality of his team’s finishing:“The game could have been 8-8, and that’s not what you want in a derby match like that. You want to have a game that is shored up defensively. We didn’t want to open up and that’s exactly what we did.

Jay DeMeritThoughts on the match:“To start the way we did and let that flip….the inconsistently we have been showing all season and we thought coming into it that we wanted more and we didn’t get it.”

On bad luck during the match on first and third goals: “It’s always disappointing when a ball deflects off your foot, and then when you get a hand ball, but sometimes those are things that you can’t control.”

On the crowd: “It was great. I don’t mind opposition fans. I think it creates a better atmosphere all around. Seattle has great fans, no bones about it. Every fan can look to create the energy and passion from them, it’s fantastic. But I thought our fans gave the same tonight. We created our own atmosphere to counteract them. I haven’t heard that much noise coming from the stadium all season.”

On why they were beaten: “I think mainly it comes from game management. Just the recognition to know when to see out a half, when to start well, when we need energy, when we need to slow it down, we haven’t been able to figure that out this season. We had to do a lot of last ditch defending, and it looks good from a fans perspective, but that isn’t the way soccer is meant to be played. Nobody said this season was going to be easy but its game like this where you have to look at yourself hard, so we need to continue to work”.

Peter Vagenas“Games are won and lost in the penalty box. We had clear cut chances that we failed to convert, they had half chances that they converted. That’s the difference from a team that is at the top of the table and a team that is at the bottom. I don’t have answers; all I know to do is just continue to fight. We have to fight.”