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Sounders react: Alonso 'very proud of myself'

Osvaldo Alonso – Sounders FC Midfielder

(On scoring two goals…) “I’m very happy. I’m very proud of myself. We get a result tonight. We get to advance to the next round, which is good for the team.”

(On importance of the game to him…) “For me, unbelievable. […] Now, the main focus for me is to keep winning as we go into the next round. […] Now everybody is happy. Everybody is proud of us. So now we keep going.”

(On his goal celebration after first goal…) “I did that because … it’s my wife’s birthday. I’m very happy for that. I think it’s good for her.”

Tyson Wahl – Sounders FC Defender

(On the importance of the result…) “Obviously it’s an exciting time for the team. We are kind of set up to do that this year. Last year we weren’t satisfied with our performances in this tournament so this year I think we really showed our depth, showed how we have grown and matured as a team and the expectations keep on rising and we are meeting the new high expectations. So I think we are all excited. It was a sloppy tonight. It was definitely raining hard but we got the job done. Ozzie obviously had timely goals and we made it interesting. We come out of here with a tie and advance, good times.”

(On Osvaldo Alonso…) “Even though he doesn’t score most the goals he’s our most valuable player. I think if you ask anyone else they would say that. So even if he is not scoring goals he is making a difference elsewhere. Tonight was finishing off some of his chances so it’s good.”

(On the defense…) “I think we had some miscommunication issues. Sometimes we were stepping when we should have been just dropping off. As I said they were really looking to get behind us. On the first goal it could’ve been offside, I’d like to look at it. We definitely should have been backing off a little bit more. In the second half I feel like we cleaned it up a little bit.”

(On looking forward…) “We are looking to continuing our success in league and getting shutouts.”

(On the equalizing goal…) “It was chaotic from what I remember. I was just trying to get forward and get involved. It was on the right side. The ball bounced kind of on a deep cross, popped over Sammy [Ochoa] and a couple other guys, came to me, I trapped it. I played a short ball into Sammy and I think he ended up shooting it and knocking it back to Ozzie, maybe, from my memory. I was just trying to push forward and make something happen. I was just trying to get in a cross and the ball popped out to me and I put it back in there. Sammy did a good job backing into guys and holding the ball up for us.”