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Rosales will be gametime decision Tuesday

One of the chief topics of our discussion with Sigi Schmid today involved personnel: the health of his team for Tuesday's U.S. Open Cup final and the odd lineup he assembled for the 2-1 win at New England on Saturday.


On Mauro Rosales availability)He’s doing OK. He did more today. He did more today and so we’ll see how he tolerates today and then we see how he tolerates tomorrow, and then we’ll make a decision for Tuesday. But it’s definitely going to be something that’s going to be a gametime decision. It’s not something where I could tell you right now: yes, no, he’s starting, is he a sub. We hope at the very least he’s a sub for us. Right now we’re trying to see is he strong enough to start, is he strong enough to be a sub.

On defender James Riley) James has been able to keep practicing, and we’ll get a final go-ahead tomorrow as well.

On the Saturday lineup offering a fresh lineup for Tuesday) Yeah. It’s going to help us. We were able to rest the players that we needed to rest and wanted to rest, and so I think those guys will be ready to go. And I thought Estrada and Levesque both played well in New England, came on quite capable, and that’s what we’ve had all year. We’ve had a team of good depth.

On Roger Levesque playing right back) We talked to him about playing a little bit of right back before, so that was something we’ve experimented with him. We’ve had him play there in a couple of reserve games. We’ve had David Estrada play back there in a reserve game or two, because when we started pulling Zach Scott inside more we felt like maybe we needed one more player there. And Roger’s done well. There’s a lot of guys who have made transitions like that. Chris Albright was a little bit younger, but Chris when he came to me in LA in 2002 was still 23-24 and we switched him from a forward to a right back and got him onto the World Cup team. Roger’s a little older, I don’t know if the same will happen, but he’s got quality and he’s tactically sound, so he can do that.

On if Levesque might end his career as a defender)Yeah, it’s very possible.

(Asked about that later, Levesque maintained his usual whatever-helps-the-team attitude.)