Sounders Insider

Hanauer predicts Final crowd around 35,000

Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer watched training today, and afterward spoke a bit about the likely U.S. Open Cup record crowd expected Tuesday at CenturyLink Field.

On opening Hawk's Nest north end seating section) "It's such a great spot in the stadium. Still close to the field, it'll be loud, it'll be full. We're excited to give it a try. Obviously it also involves a conversation with our good partners at Xbox, Microsoft. It's great that they were willing to work with us and allow us to try it out."

His feeling on ticket sales) "I'm thrilled. I think we'll push 35,000, set another record. It's hard starting from Ticket No. 1. Selling 35,000 over a month, five weeks, it's a big number. Thrilled. Thankful that we've got the business group of the Seahawks, Chuck Arnold running the ticketing for us, behind us doing the heavy lifting and create the environment and home-field advantage and hopefully gets us over the finish line."

On seating configuration) "I think none of the upper deck is open right now, but again, I said from the beginning, we're not going to turn anyone away. If that's the next inventory that would need to open up, we certainly will."