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Final pairs clubs with winning Open Cup histories

Tomorrow's U.S. Open Cup pairs two teams that have been successful in the tournament from the births of their franchises.

Over its history, Chicago has gone 28-8-3 in U.S. Open Cup play, scoring a combined 73 goals and allowing 32. In finals, they are 4-1, having won in 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2006, with the lone loss coming in 2004 at Kansas City.

Seattle has never lost an Open Cup match, winning the title each of its first two seasons and obviously getting to the final again this year.


Chicago interim coach FRANK KLOPAS: "I think everyone takes the Open Cup serious from the beginning. But I think there are moments depending on the schedule of games early on in the season, some teams travel for different tournaments that they play, you have to juggle lineups. It’s very hard with the amount of travel some teams do and then amount of games early on that it’s very hard … to put the same group out there all the. I think teams do take it serious. For us – I can’t speak for other teams – but for our organization this has been from the beginning when we get together and we set goals the U.S. Open Cup is on top of that list and say this is a tournament that we want to try to win every year. Look, throughout the year, you make changes in the lineup and sometimes in games like that different players have to step up and play a part in helping you win those games. I’m fortunate and thankful in situations where that has happened this year for us we’ve had guys step up and help us win and put us in this position now."

Sounders coach SIGI SCHMID: "I think as an expansion team, as a young club in MLS, winning the first two Open Cups that we did were tremendous in terms of our club’s recognition, in terms of our fans, in terms of the confidence of our team and our players to recognize that they can win a competition and that they can get thought it. Our philosophy, even though (we’re in other competitions), our philosophy is if we’re not going to try to win it, let’s not enter it. So whatever we’re going to enter, we’re going to try to win. We have goals as it relates to the MLS playoffs. We have goals as it relates to CONCACAF as well. But we also have goals as it relates to U.S. Open Cup, and the Open Cup is what has given us entrée to the Champions League that’s further helped us establish our club not only in the minds of the United States, but in the minds of the CONCACAF region. So, winning these two Open Cups has been very important for the face of the club, for the recognition of our club, and for the confidence of the players."