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Union brings starpower: Le Toux and Adu

A couple of meaningful names arrive with the Philadelphia Union this week: Freddy Adu, one of the best-known players in MLS; and Sebastien Le Toux, among the most popular players ever to wear the Sounders' crest.

This morning we asked Sounders coach Sigi Schmid about each:

On Le Toux:Seba has obviously been very hot the last month. He got player of the month and he’s been scoring goals. We know what he brings to the table. He’s hard-working, he’s honest. I think early in the season they played him a lot of midfield, where he’s not as happy as playing up front. And now he’s playing up front, so he’s been very dangerous for them.

On Adu:Freddy Adu is a player who I think is still a little bit of a wild card in our league. He’s capable of doing some very good things with the ball. He’s technically very clean. I coached him with the under-20s. He’s a good player who’s got a good first two steps, but I think he’s still finding his way into the rhythm of their team a little bit.

On Adu's professional start as an 14-year-old:Things happen just because of the timing of things. Obviously it was a big story. He had done very well. He was a very young player who was doing very well, and the league was able to sign him instead of losing him to Europe, and that was a very big story at the time. He did what he could do and played to the best of his abilities. It’s tough. It’s a growing process, and it’s tough when you’re 14-, 15-, 16-years-old and you’re playing on a team with a bunch of men and you really don’t have a lot in common with off the field. In Europe those situations are a lot easier because a lot of times you’re at the club where you were a youth player at. So even though you’re on the field with the older pros, off the field you’re still hanging with your buddies who were there, because those were the guys you played with a year ago. In our situation, often times, guys are living in different cities, they’re pulled away from their friends, and now all of a sudden you’ve got to find a whole new friendship experience. It’s a difficult experience to go through.